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'I am ignoring you'

‘I am ignoring you’


Smokey (cat)

if you don't believe me... Look at the cigarette butts all over the place!

if you don’t believe me…
Look at the cigarette butts all over the place!

He’s Going To Make A Jump For It!

grasshopper at Confederate Memorial Chapel

Doing my best to make this grasshopper famous

I really can’t think of a title for this one…

Non-Standard Photography

Timing is Everything…
I’m not sure this is it…
But it’s something!

Don’t Panic – He’s Harmless

The Alligators got to sleep where ever they wanted

Crocodile Sculpture – a reference to the Alligators that once lived as an attraction in this 5 star hotel.

Fly Away

canon pocket camera

A friendly bird adds a helpful accent to the picture.
From earlier this week between rain showers

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

I did photoshop out a building, however!

a cooperative seagull flew into my picture frame last week