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Endo-trachea Circumlocution Extravaganza (#1)

Well, at least HE knows what he's talking about!

Well, at least HE knows what he’s talking about!


Fancy New York Artist

Maybe Sooner Than  You Think!

Maybe Sooner Than You Think!

Hang Ten!

Used Band Aid In Space on a Tidal Wave

After the Great Japanese Artist Hokusai,
My Version Features the Heroic
‘Used Band Aid in Space’
(from ‘Art in Shambles’)
Riding to the Rescue
in order to Relieve Stress
Here at the Blog That Is Not (Really) A Blog

Illustrated Review of ‘Art in Shambles’ #1

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A Beautiful Mind (Contemplating The Perfect Wineglass)

Calculus Gives Me A Headache

The Ridiculous And The Sublime