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The War Between The States

Yesterday, When It Was Warm

Lazy Day, Lazy Canoe

Temperatures in the 60’s yesterday;
Not So, Today.
Historic Bermuda Hundred Landing.


Quiet Mood (Watching, Waiting)

Dark Inside, Bright Outside

Another of Yesterday’s Sunny Day Pictures.
An Attendant Looks Out From
Confederate War Memorial Chapel.

Quiet Gun, Quiet Day

cannon from the actual battle

This Gun is in front of the old Powder Magazine, caved in, still evident (but not in this photo. Maybe next time!)

Lee Monument, Night Montage

Robert E Lee Monument, double image

Left Image “Straight” Photography
Right Image Photoshopped

Big Sky at Drewry’s Bluff

Civil War Bad - Photography Good
View from cannon embankment.
Sandbags in foreground.

Reaching for the Moon

Monument Ave., Richmond

Jefferson Davis.
Reaching for the Moon.
Do You See the Irony Here, People?