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the original flavored energy drink

Remember ‘Negatives’?

the recurrent coffee theme

I used to look at my negs before I looked at the prints (or even ordered them) –
this gave me a better sense of photography –
the negative was the original photo, not the print.
Here, coffee grounds on a paper towel –
if you don’t believe me, put this in Photoshop & select ‘inverse’!

King Coffee


Ah, Macro Photography…
It looks like a giant vat of coffee….
But merely a humble coffee pot basket
(with the recurring venetian blind shadows theme)

Don’t Tell 7-11 That I Was Here

wall art at Starbucks

I ducked into Starbucks
for a cup of coffee
and to use the wi-fi…
It Was A Mere Dalliance-
It Meant Nothing To Me – Nothing! !!

Evolution of (Another) Idea

a progressive abstraction

I started out with green tea, progressed to Lipton, switched over to Folger’s coffee, then, of course, 7-11 Executive Blend…
Things got out-of-hand when I finished it off with a cup of Maxwell House Columbian !!!