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A combination of images presented as a whole….Right?

writhing roots

it's not stereo vision... but it's as close as I can get!

it’s not stereo vision…
but it’s as close as I can get!


The Rusty “O”

Geometric Study in white

Another view of the Chester railroad – I knew you couldn’t wait!


The South's First TV Station

‘Paint the Music’ will appear at 9am this Friday –
Here, a photo montage (with photoshopped clouds) from yesterday

Paint The Music!

Live Event, also a TV Spot that morning

A Week From Today at Gallery5, RVa
Interactive Performance Series

Battle of the Antique Cola Signs

"Me and My R.C."

I saw RC Cola for sale out in the country a few years ago,
but I don’t think it is any longer a national brand.

Wood, Wood & Wood (not the attorneys)

bark, telephone pole, more bark. Don't bark up my tree

I Bet the Termites Try to Eat This Photograph

Lake Matoaca Montage (Williamsburg, Va.)

I can feel the cold wind go through me, looking at this cyclist riding against the wind

Windy and Very Cold Today.
Here, A Hardy Cyclist

Rust! A Photographic Celebration

rust never looked so good

The remainder of the images from
today’s Excursion into Sunshine