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Be Aware, and Stay Aware, of Your Surroundings When Taking Night Photos

Ghost Building (in the sky)

Going Up?



DON’T hold the camera steady!

overpass walkway at VCU Academic campus

You may be pleasantly surprised!

Sunflower at Night (the irony of it)

OK, it's not a van Gogh - but it's still pretty good!

Yes, I used flash again…
Call me a coward…
Call me a cheat…
But don’t call me late for dinner!

by Antonin Mercié, sculptor

The defeated General on his horse, Traveler

Overcast Sky Reddened by the City Lights

(The incredible) Disappearing Bumper Car Boy


From the batch of recent Carnival photos

How Greenly Grows the Grass

A patch of green

Car Headlights instead of Flash –
The blue of twilight is retained
The green of grass is exposed