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photon, light ray, picture = photo-graph


oil on canvas on wall

oil on canvas on wall



remember what I said about the Dadaists and Manakins!

…and Egyptian Royalty

Hey #10! (that guy is taking our picture)

a tribute to Ernst, Man Ray, Masson, others

Why did the Surrealists like mannequins so much?

Paint The Music!

Live Event, also a TV Spot that morning

A Week From Today at Gallery5, RVa
Interactive Performance Series

Hey, Buddy, Got A Light? (Premium Tobacco Man)

made of premium tobacco

Smoke Too Much?

Va Production Alliance, Richmond Meeting

Yes, It Snowed

State of the Industry Meeting Tonight

Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Fence

Rainy Day, Dream Away part 2

Another entry in the Rainy Day series
from 12:40 pm today