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Hand made or Machine produced, there are at least two of them (unless it is a monoprint, and then there is only one. But it is still a print.Got That? Good! Now Explain It To Me!)

The Sleeping Gypsy

after Rousseau

after Rousseau


In the room, the women come and go…

from The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock

…talking of Michaelangelo

“And God Said, ‘Prophesy To The Wind…’ “

"...to the wind only, for only the wind will listen"

from T.S.Eliot
Enlarge to read quotation

Hang Ten!

Used Band Aid In Space on a Tidal Wave

After the Great Japanese Artist Hokusai,
My Version Features the Heroic
‘Used Band Aid in Space’
(from ‘Art in Shambles’)
Riding to the Rescue
in order to Relieve Stress
Here at the Blog That Is Not (Really) A Blog

Shirley Plantation

Mansion in background

Pretty Lady, Pretty Horsie

A Beautiful Mind (Contemplating The Perfect Wineglass)

Calculus Gives Me A Headache

The Ridiculous And The Sublime

Cousin of King of the Hill

stone lithograph
another entry in the prickly pine gumball category