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monument; statue; statuette; bas-relief; figurine –
Heck, I’m even going to throw in abstract sculptures!

The Buddha of Cherry St.


sometimes he moves to the roof


Silent Contemplation

grave monument

Graveyard at Historic St. Luke’s Church and Museum

Waiting for the Wind to Blow (so I can photograph these flags!)

Society of the Cincinnati, Washington, D.C. (Larz Anderson House)

Society of the Cincinnati, Washington, D.C. (Larz Anderson House) – clouds via Photoshop; statue of Geo. Washington

Muffler King (don’t make him mad)

YES, I would buy a muffler from this man

Honest, Upright, Close Friend of The Jolly Green Giant –
The Muffler King!

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…Yes, It’s A Plane!

Confederate Memorial and Skyscrapers

More Blue Sky from Yesterday’s Post –
and the same plane!
Click to see Superman –
I mean the plane!

Looking Forward, Looking Back

Cold and Clear Today.
A modern sculpture in front of a reflection of a historic building.

Would You Buy A Hot Dog From This Man?

This is Just Wrong

Funny? Yes.
What Do You Say About A Man Putting Catsup on His Forehead, Inviting You To Eat Him?