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gravity – it’s the law, and water towers always obey

Watertower Skyline

Church Hill water tower, summer 2016 (from grounds of Historic St. John's Church)

Church Hill water tower, summer 2016
(from grounds of Historic St. John’s Church)


big sky, big water

cousin to the water tower

cousin to the water tower

watertower. photoshop. need anything else?

photoshop - use it - but don't abuse it!

also from the old train station, Staunton, Va.

Standing in the Clouds

Shockoe Bottom, Richmond, July 7 2013

hey, watertower – stand still for a minute while I take this picture!

Through A Looking Glass (watertowerly)

RVa Watertowers on the Rise

This fine Industrial Watertower is defaced by graffitti…
I used the window sash to obscure the ugliness.

Watertower and the Moon

watertower and the moon

In case you thought I’d abandoned watertower photography….
Think Again!

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

I did photoshop out a building, however!

a cooperative seagull flew into my picture frame last week

Watertower on Duty

perhaps the best photo even made of a watertower and a pile of concrete bags...

Not All Watertowers Are Huge.
Here, a brave small sized U-Haul Watertower guards a loading dock of concrete and sand bags.