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Lautrec was a master.
I am a practictioner.

And God Said, ‘Prophesy To The Wind, to the Wind Only for Only the Wind will Listen…’

" the wind only, for only the wind will listen"
from T.S.Eliot; click image to enlarge.
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The Sleeping Gypsy

after Rousseau

after Rousseau

In the room, the women come and go…

from The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock

…talking of Michaelangelo

Evolution of an Idea

four (of nine total versions)

I produced nine versions of this image, until the litho stone cracked

Shirley Plantation

Mansion in background

Pretty Lady, Pretty Horsie

A Beautiful Mind (Contemplating The Perfect Wineglass)

Calculus Gives Me A Headache

The Ridiculous And The Sublime