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from a lack of light: sometimes indistinct dark shapes, required for contrast, adding mood & mystery to a picture (OK, I’d better shut up now, I’m not a poet!)

Grid (tomato plant)

no more tomatoes

no more tomatoes



dust on tomato (side view)

dust on tomato (side view)

Stretching Shadow & Bare Tree (Quiet Day)

Last overlook, near mile 105

Yesterday near Rockfish Gap –
Due to the starkness of Winter
(and of black & white)
the photo gives the impression
that it was colder than it really was.

The Venetian Blinds Shadows (Are At It Again)

A Study in circular and horizontal contrast

Kitchen Funnel, sideways
Wanna See More Venetian Blinds Photos?
Suurree You Do!

The Effect Of Venetian Blind Shadows on Wood in the Winter

Here Comes The Sun!

Here Comes The Sun!
and hereee’s the original Venetian Blinds post