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Developed by the Northern Europeans.
This technique has found its way
all the way to RVa….
Hey, that rhymes!


oil on canvas on wall

oil on canvas on wall


Noon (painting)

5 feet in height; oil on canvas

A tribute to the painter Morandi
(sister painting to Beach Scene)

Paint The Music!

Live Event, also a TV Spot that morning

A Week From Today at Gallery5, RVa
Interactive Performance Series

Fauvist Flower Arrangement

explosive composition (for flowers)

I Have No Training in Flower Arrangement.
But I Like the Colors.

“Beach Scene”

twisting of perspective

A Place I’d Like To Go
A Place I Merely Imagined & Painted

Monroe Building, Richmond

Monroe Building, Richmond

Real Building, Imaginary View.
I Deleted The Entire Skyline.
Don’t Let Me Get Ahold of A Death Ray! !
oil on canvas