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A Very Wet Landscape

As Long As I’m With You


large version

Prints Available


Silent Contemplation

grave monument

Graveyard at Historic St. Luke’s Church and Museum

Richmond Skyline at night

Monroe building to the far right

the sober version of yesterday’s post!

It’s NOT an earthquake

downtown richmond in storm

camera shake, pouring rain…
No, I DIDN’T try to focus!

The Shimmerin’ of the Green

reflection of the color of leaves

cool, refreshing…especially if you’re a bird (or a photographer)

“Beach Scene”

twisting of perspective

A Place I’d Like To Go
A Place I Merely Imagined & Painted

Hang Ten!

Used Band Aid In Space on a Tidal Wave

After the Great Japanese Artist Hokusai,
My Version Features the Heroic
‘Used Band Aid in Space’
(from ‘Art in Shambles’)
Riding to the Rescue
in order to Relieve Stress
Here at the Blog That Is Not (Really) A Blog